The wonderful story of  GAZZA  &  Evangeline!

The idea of starting HUGGABULLZ came from a sad but hopeful story. It was early 1999 when I was given a full white Bull Terrier pup for my birthday. I named her GAZZA, after my favorite and one of England’s most gifted football players. In the many years to come she proved to be my best and most loyal friend, always standing strong beside me.

After 15 years, on January 21st 2014, she had reached her journey’s end. It was her well deserved time to cross the rainbow bridge to be with her forever friends and for me to say my final goodbyes. Knowing all too well that many Bullies do not even reach that age, I feel very fortunate to have had her by my side for such a long time.

My daughter Evangeline made her grand entrance on August 4th, 2014. To show her just how special GAZZA was, I designed a plush version and had it made exclusively for her. Due to the countless enthusiastic reactions after posting a couple of photos of Evangeline and her GAZZA on Facebook, I decided to take it into production so other babies, toddlers and big hoomans can have their own GAZZA to cuddle with!

Edwin Pennock | Proud dad – Tattoo Artist – Graphic Designer

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